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Ascites Prognosis: A General Issue For Patients With Liver Cirrhosis

Ascites is a condition that involves fluid buildup in the abdomen. It’s diagnosed through methods like fluid samples and imaging. If you get an ascites prognosis it’s also critical to know which steps to take including how to reduce sodium intake.

AST level Test Result and a blood sample

Low AST Levels Of Blood: What Causes It?

If you get blood tests that include low ast levels of blood causes you might be wondering about the cause. This tests the level of aspartate aminotransferase in blood. AST helps to digest food and remove toxins from the bloodstream.

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Liver Transplant: Let’s Get The Facts + FAQ

You must be well aware of liver transplant FAQs and basic facts before you go for the procedure if you need one. It is a surgical procedure where a damaged liver is removed and a healthy donor-liver is…

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Liver Transplant Survival Rate in Children

Most children that go for liver transplant surgery cannot survive unless they get a new liver. Giving the child a new liver would be the only way to preserve his or her life. But then, is the whole process worth it? How long is the child expected to live after the liver transplant? What is the liver transplant survival rate in children? This is what we focus on in this article. Read on

Liver transplant scar

Liver Transplant Scar: What Can Be Done About It?

Are you planning to receive a liver transplant or donate part of your liver? If so then it’s important to know what to expect. This involves various issues. There are factors like procedures involving what to expect before…

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What is NAFLD Fibrosis Score and What is it Used For?

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is one of the very common liver conditions, if not the commonest. People who are overweight or obese are at very high risk for NAFLD. Other risk factors include diabetes and abnormal lipid…

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What Should be Done When There is Ascites Prognosis?

Do you think you might have ascites? This is a health condition that involves fluid buildup in the abdomen. It’s linked to various diseases, especially liver disease. Doctors test people for ascites through different methods like fluid samples…

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Living With Cirrhosis – What You Must Know

Living with cirrhosis is quite complex to deal with. It is a condition that varies and fluctuates. Two people with cirrhosis may have different experiences from each other. More so, even the experiences of the same person due…

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Is Cirrhosis Contagious?

As many as 25,000 Americans die from cirrhosis each year. This number shows that Cirrhosis is one of the leading diseases that cause death in America. It is number four on the list of diseases that kill people…

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Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Natural Treatment

NAFLD is a condition that involves your liver health. Know the treatments of this ailment in this article.