Normal Ammonia Levels When You Have Cirrhosis


Liver cirrhosis is a late-stage liver disease that must be monitored closely. This involves liver scarring that prevents the vital organ from working properly. It’s critical to know different factors related to the disease like normal ammonia levels cirrhosis. Something called hepatic encephalopathy (HE) is a condition that could cause elevated ammonia among liver disease patients. This is something to watch out for because it’s a sign that your liver condition is worsening. Your doctor can help to figure out if your late-stage liver disease is progressing. It also helps to know the normal levels of ammonia for liver cirrhosis patients. This will help to determine if they’re elevated or not.

Ammonia is a chemical compound that includes nitrogen and hydrogen. It’s found in the body but usually is within a certain range. When these levels increase it can cause various health issues you’ll want to avoid. This is why it’s critical to monitor your body’s levels and especially if you’re suffering from liver cirrhosis. This is late-stage liver disease so it’s critical to know when certain signs indicate your condition is worsening. The key reason is liver cirrhosis can eventually result in liver failure, which is a very serious condition you’ll want to avoid.

What Exactly Is Liver Cirrhosis?

This is a medical condition that involves scar tissue slowly replacing the organ’s healthy cells. The disease takes several years to form and is due to factors like unhealthy diet and heavy drinking.

In fact, the liver has an incredible ability to recover from damage. However, over time it starts scarring and after a while, the vital organ is unable to perform basic functions. This results in liver cirrhosis and is late-stage liver disease.

The liver disease must be long-term and continuous in order for a person to experience cirrhosis. This happens when scar tissue starts replacing healthy tissue. After a while, it results in the disease blocking blood flow within the vital organ.

One of the reasons liver disease can develop quickly is oftentimes there are no symptoms during the first stages. This can be tough because you can’t treat a condition/disease if you aren’t even aware of it.

As time passes the scar tissue starts to build up. This causes issues because the organ is unable to work properly. There are various symptoms to watch out for:

  • Fatigue
  • Red palms
  • Itchy skin
  • Weakness
  • Nausea
  • Pain/tenderness in the liver region
  • Weight loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Blood capillaries on the upper abdomen
  • Insomnia

There are various causes of these symptoms. So it’s important to watch out for multiple ones, which will increase the chance that you have liver cirrhosis. Just having one symptom doesn’t make it likely you have late-stage liver disease.

There are other symptoms to watch out for, which could indicate you have liver cirrhosis. They include dizziness, yellowish skin/eyes, confusion, fluid buildup, fast heartbeat, and personality changes. These are all signs that you might have cirrhosis.

As always, it’s important to consult a doctor if you think you have symptoms of liver cirrhosis. A doctor can order tests including blood tests and others to determine if you should be diagnosed with cirrhosis.

Normal Ammonia Levels: Cirrhosis

Ammonia is a type of chemical compound that includes nitrogen and hydrogen. Ammonia can exist as a liquid/gas. Today many store-bought products include ammonia. That includes ones used for cleaning/fertilizing.

It’s important to avoid high levels of ammonia. In fact, breathing in low amounts or getting some ammonia on the skin can cause side-effects like burning and fainting. When handling ammonia it’s also important to be cautious in order to avoid possible health issues.

Ammonia is also found in the human body. The ammonia test is a blood test that can determine how much ammonia is in the blood.

It’s natural for the body to have a certain amount of ammonia. For example, when the human body breaks down some protein this involves bacteria in the gut/cells making the chemical compounds. So when you eat a beef burger or beans & rice the body naturally produces a certain amount of ammonia.

The problem is that ammonia is actually a waste product. The liver converts ammonia into the chemical urea. Water dissolves the chemical and exits the body in urine.

The problem is when you have certain diseases like liver cirrhosis. In this case, the body can’t produce or ditch urea. Both situations cause ammonia buildup. That can result in several conditions like fatigue, confusion, and comma. So it’s very important to track your body’s ammonia levels.

If you have certain symptoms like confusion or go into a coma then your doctor will likely order an ammonia test. That’s why it’s critical to contact your doctor if you experience symptoms that could indicate high levels of ammonia.

In the case of liver disease, you might have a condition known as HE. This involves mental changes like severe confusion. In this case, it might result in high ammonia levels so it’s critical to get it checked out.

Best Foods for Natural Ammonia Detox


These are both healthy beverages that are high in caffeine. This can help the body get rid of extra water weight. In turn, this process can help to detoxify the body and ditch various chemicals like ammonia. Both drinks are healthy beverages you should consider drinking more of throughout the day.


Beet juice has been trending in recent years and there’s a reason. This root vegetable is a superfood and is loaded with nutrients that function as a body detox. Beets can boost liver health. This, in turn, can help to boost its function and help ditch toxins that can cause various health issues. You can consume beets in different forms like juice.


This is actually a flower that’s loaded with antioxidants. It can provide various benefits like anti-inflammation and bile flow. It might also help to remove unwanted chemicals in your body like ammonia.


This is one of the “cruciferous” veggies that can provide many health benefits. It’s loaded with antioxidants, which can help to protect the body. These antioxidants in nutrients like Vitamin C can also help to rid the body of unwanted toxins like ammonia.


This is a detox food that’s high in fatty acids that can help to provide several health benefits. Avocados aren’t just good for healthy intestines but also for liver health. So if you have liver cirrhosis this is certainly a good you should consider eating more of. Besides that, it’s low-carb with 2g of net carbs, which makes it Keto-friendly.


This is probably one of the most surprising detox foods. Many people spend a lot of resources to get rid of dandelion plants in their yards. However, it turns out that tea made from the dandelion root is an excellent method for natural liver detox. It might also have benefits like better eye/skin health and normal ammonia levels cirrhosis.

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