Is There A Natural Cure For Hepatitis B?


The advancement of the world today has provided us many options when it comes to treating diseases. When a family member gets sick, we may turn to physicians first, while some would apply alternative or home remedies that have been around for ages. Others would prefer to fuse both. With the rising cases of Hepatitis B in the country, can we rely on a natural cure for Hepatitis B instead of seeking a medical professional’s advice? In this read, we will know more about Hepatitis B and its risks, any possible natural cures that you can do and, we will also provide some tips for prevention and diagnosis.

For starters, natural cures or medicines are those that do not need surgeries, chemicals, or drugs to get a patient well. It is considered an alternative option when it comes to the conventional way of treatment. According to statistics, a portion of the American population also does faith and ancient healing, Chinese medicines, herbal medicine, or an integration of both conventional and alternative cures. And yes, it is common for others to practice more than one method of healing. But is there a natural cure for Hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B: Symptoms and Risks

Hepatitis B is an infection of the liver that is caused by viral hepatitis. It can be passed from one person to another through fluids of the body like semen or blood. It can either be chronic or acute hepatitis B.

Acute Hepatitis B

This will only last for a very short time and the symptoms in adults may appear quickly. The good thing with this is that most people who develop the symptoms could recover without any complications.

Chronic Hepatitis B

This type will develop slowly and you may not know that you have it unless you see any complications that may develop. This also means that the carrier may develop it for a longer period. You may need treatments and medicines to manage the hepatitis virus so that it would not open you to the risks of liver cancer.

One thing you should know about Hepatitis B is that it is highly contagious and although it can be found in bodily fluids, you cannot get it from kissing or sharing utensils. Here are some of the possible methods of how you can get the virus.

  • A virus from the mother to her newborn child
  • Direct contact with someone who has infected blood.
  • Anal, oral, and vaginal sex
  • Being pricked with a needle that is contaminated.
  • Using personal items or razors that have fluids of the blood that are infected.
  • Intimate contact with someone who has hepatitis B.

With the transmission listed above, healthcare workers are also in a very high risk to get the infection, including:

  • Those who use drugs in IV
  • Men to men sex
  • Multiple sex partners
  • Those with kidney diseases
  • Those with a chronic disease of the liver

You will never think of the natural cure for hepatitis B if you are not aware that you have it, right? According to the CDC or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 3,000 people in the US are not aware that they have hepatitis B until the complications started showing. Some of the most common symptoms of the infection include:

  • Dark Urine
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle and Joint Pain
  • Appetite Loss
  • Fever
  • Weakness
  • Abdominal Discomfort
  • Jaundice or the yellowing of the white portion of the eyes

If you notice any of these symptoms and you have been in contact with any of the risk factors listed above, you should visit your doctor right away so that medications and proper treatment can be prescribed.

Natural Cure for Hepatitis B

One thing you should know about the infection is that hepatitis B has no known cure yet and the treatments available are there to help manage the symptoms and discomfort brought by the virus. Yes, it may not directly cure hepatitis B, but it could help slow down the reproduction of the virus in the body that would also delay and keep the uncomfortable symptoms at bay. As of now, experts are doing all that it could to do studies that are the long-term cure for acute and chronic hepatitis B.

The body has a natural cure for hepatitis b that is in an acute stage. Some patients would not need any kind of treatment, and your doctor may only need to monitor your symptoms by doing regular tests of your blood to check the virus in the body. On the other hand, chronic hepatitis B would need antiviral medications, but medical treatments are still not recommended so that any possible liver damages could be prevented.

As for a natural cure for hepatitis B, it is still best to consult your physician for any dietary supplements or herbs that you are planning to take as they would need to assess first your overall health. There is a reason why medicines are kept to a minimum, and it may just be your saving grace if you ask your doctor first for any natural cures that you are planning to take. As mentioned above, hepatitis b is not curable yet. The medicines and treatments given by health professionals could only help with the symptoms and any possible complications brought by the hepatitis virus.

If you think that you have been exposed to the infection in the last 24 hours, you can talk to your doctor so that they can provide the following treatments:

  • Vaccination of the Hepatitis B
  • Immune Globulin Injection
  • Antiviral medications to prevent liver complications

We have already discussed that some patients would not know that they have hepatitis unless they see any complications, and in most cases, the liver is the most affected. If the liver is severely damaged, your doctor may recommend liver transplants to keep the liver from functioning.


We are in a world where everything is advanced and studied. Despite the advancements, Hepatitis B remains incurable. The good thing is that there are ways on how to prevent it, and how the symptoms could be kept at bay. The best way to prevent being infected is to have the vaccination for hepatitis B. It is relatively safe and an inexpensive way to protect you from any hepatitis viruses moving forward. It’s also important to ask your sexual partners to be hepatitis B tested to be on the safe side. The natural cure for hepatitis B is not yet as bright as day but practicing safe sex and shielding yourself through vaccination may be our best shot today.

Yes, you may also explore alternative medications and options, but it is always best to consult your doctor first. The natural cure for hepatitis B may not be bringing us the resolution or the cure we need, but it would give us enough awareness on how to combat the virus.

Is There A Natural Cure For Hepatitis B?

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