NAFLD Diet Guidelines and Recommendations


Have you been diagnosed with fatty liver disease? There are two main types of this disease including alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). As the names suggest NAFLD isn’t caused by alcoholic consumption of drinks like beer, wine, and spirits. It’s important to take steps to minimize the effects of the fatty liver through methods like the NAFLD diet. This condition is among the first stages of liver disease so making lifestyle changes can help to prevent the disease from getting much worse. There are basic lifestyle changes you can make to help prevent fatty liver disease from progressing to more serious symptoms.

The ancient Greek Hippocrates once said that food should be medicine and medicine should be food. If you want to treat NAFLD is one of the most effective ways is through food. For example, options like fatty fish, oatmeal, and tofu can help to deal with the condition and help to reduce symptoms. This is important since fatty liver disease includes the first stages of liver disease. The key is to help stop/reverse the condition to help reduce the negative effects. you should also try to avoid other foods like white sugar, processed grains, and alcoholic beverages, which can also help to prevent more health problems.

What Exactly Is Fatty Liver Disease?

This health condition is also known as “hepatic steatosis.” It’s among the first stages of liver disease so it’s important to deal with it effectively. This might help to prevent the disease from worsening. The two main types are alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Heavy alcohol is often linked to liver disease although various other factors can cause it like infections including hepatitis.

What’s this condition all about? It’s natural for the liver to have some fat in it. However, when you have a “fatty liver” it means over 5% of the liver consists of fat. Alcohol isn’t the only cause of this condition. However, it’s one of the most common ones and is often linked to various liver conditions including liver cirrhosis.

Regardless of the cause, this condition is related to fat buildup in the cells of the liver organ. When this situation happens it’s much tougher for the liver to work properly. That’s a bad thing. However, you can get this condition even if you don’t consume lots of alcoholic beverages.

in fact, NAFLD is the non-alcoholic version of this condition. You can get a fatty liver if you simply have too much fat from various non-alcoholic sources. The fat might or might not be causing liver damage/inflammation. in many cases this condition doesn’t become worse over time. It simply means your liver is over 5% fat.

However, a more serious condition is known as NASH. This is a type of fatty liver but is more serious than the “simple” type. you might have serious issues including cirrhosis due to cell damage/inflammation. Liver cirrhosis is serious and involves scar tissue replacing the liver’s healthy tissues. Around one-fifth of all NAFLD patients have NASH.

Then there’s Alcohol-Related Fatty Liver Disease (ALD). AS the name suggests this is caused by drinking high amounts of alcohol. You can usually treat this condition by simply ditching alcohol cold turkey.

NAFLD Diet: What to Eat

1. Fatty Fish

You have several options lie trout, salmon, mackerel, herring, and tuna. They’re loaded with healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Ironically the fatty fish can actually lower levels of liver fat. The fish can also help lower inflammation, which is another plus.

2. Soy/Tofu

The protein found in foods like tofu might help prevent fat buildup within the liver. Tofu can provide several health benefits including being high-protein and low-fat. Soybeans are also “complete proteins” so they include all 9 essential amino acids (EAAS) that people must get through food.

3. Oatmeal

This is a classic breakfast food that provides the human body with energy. You can also get other benefits like high fiber, which makes you feel full and have better digestion. Try to go with less-processed oats including “groats” that are whole-grain oats.

4. Avocado

This tropical fruit is featured in low-carb diets like Keto. That’s because it’s about 80% healthy fats and just 6g of net carbs. you can use the avocado in recipes like smoothies/shakes, burgers, salads, and others. it’s easily one of the healthiest low-carb fruits you can consume along with berries.

5. Green Vegetables

This can include options like green leafy veggies and others like broccoli for reducing the liver’s fat buildup. Kale and spinach are among some of the best options. These foods not only reduce liver fat but are also low-calorie/carbs. They can provide other liver-friendly benefits like weight loss. Studies show being obese/overweight can increase your risk of liver conditions.

6. Coffee/Tea

Black coffee and green tea are good options. They’re loaded with antioxidants that can help to fight off inflammation related to the fatty liver. Studies show that these natural drinks are both liver-friendly. for example, caffeine seems to lower high amounts of liver enzymes in people with high risks of liver disease.

DIY Treatments for NAFLD

Reduce total/bad cholesterol

In past years researches focused on the importance of reducing any and all types of cholesterol. However, today there’s a bigger focus on improving your ratio of good/bad cholesterol. This can help to lower your blood fat. Some options include exercise, diet, and medications. The key is to keep the cholesterol and blood fat within a healthy range.

Reduce stress levels

This might seem unrelated to liver conditions. However, keep in mind that stress can lower your body’s immune system. It can also affect the health of different organs like the liver. Try meditation, yoga, massage, etc. to help reduce stressors.

Eat healthy food

This is something you should do anyway but is especially critical if you have liver conditions. Make sure to go with options like lean meats, vegetables/fruits, seeds/nuts, whole grains, and dairies like milk and yogurt. This can help to reduce inflammation. IT can also boost your immune system so it’s easier to fight off liver conditions.

Exercise regularly

Make sure you’re getting enough exercise during the week. This should be moderate workouts most days. You should also focus on both cardio and weight-resistance. A combo of both can help provide the best results.

Maintain diabetes

If you already have this blood sugar disease then it’s important to control the symptoms. Make sure that you constantly watch your blood sugar. You should also make sure to take any diabetes medicines your doctor has prescribed.

Drop pounds

If you’re overweight/obese then make sure to reduce your calories/carbs and boost physical activity. You don’t necessarily have to “count calories.” However, it’s critical to take steps like avoiding unhealthy food, reducing portion sizes, etc. These basic steps can help you lose weight and boost your health on the NAFLD diet.

DIY Treatment For NAFLD

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