Jaundice Hands Causes and Treatment


Have you been diagnosed with jaundice? This is a condition that’s characterized by symptoms like yellowish skin/eyes. It’s often connected to liver disease and liver cirrhosis in particular. However, there are other causes of the condition that you should know about. If you have late-stage cirrhosis then this involves many complications including jaundice. It’s actually one of the many possible complications you might experience. As with other conditions, it’s important to know the symptoms, causes, treatments, and prevention of various symptoms like jaundice hands. It will help you deal with the skin condition as effectively as possible. That includes effective treatment to deal with jaundice effectively.

Jaundice hands is just one of the many symptoms you might experience if you’ve been diagnosed with jaundice. There are various others including yellowish skin and eyeballs. If you have such conditions it’s important to see your doctor immediately. It’s especially the case if you have liver cirrhosis. In that situation, there’s a good chance that you’re experiencing symptoms related to late-stage liver cirrhosis. This is a serious type of liver disease that involves major tissue scarring. There are various other complications including liver cancer, confusion/lack of focus, high blood pressure in the liver vein, and several others.

What Exactly Is Jaundice?

This is one of the most important issues to take up before talking about jaundice on certain body parts in particular. Jaundice involves various symptoms. However, the most common ones include yellowish skin and eyeballs. These are some of the most well-known symptoms of the skin condition.

It results in a buildup of something called “bilirubin.” AS the name suggests this is from the name this is involved with the body’s production of bile.

The term “jaundice” is actually from a French word that translates “yellow.” While jaundice is often linked to various diseases, it’s not a disease itself. It’s instead a sign of another disease. Liver cirrhosis is one of the main ones, although it can also be linked to other diseases.

In many cases, jaundice is visible with a person’s bilirubin levels in the blood are over a certain amount. There are actually various causes of the condition. They include various medical conditions. Some of them are very serious like liver cirrhosis. So it’s important to get a checkup and tests run if you have signs of jaundice.

If you think you have signs you should contact your doctor. He/She will give you a physical checkup. They’ll also order tests to find out your condition and also figure out if there are any undiagnosed conditions/diseases you have that could be causing the problem.

There are various symptoms and signs you might experience if you have jaundice. The most common ones include a yellowish color in the eyeballs and on the skin. However, it’s worth noting that there are other possible symptoms. That’s related to the exact cause of the condition.

The number of symptoms can also differ. Sometimes patients have many symptoms and other times they have few. It’s important to get everything checked out just to make sure about your condition.

What Are Jaundice Hands?

This is a particular type of jaundice that takes place on the hands. There are different causes of the disease that you should be aware of. This is important because it will affect the signs/symptoms you experience.

As the name suggests the signs/symptoms happen on the hands. However, you should also be aware of the different causes. The reason is that this will also affect the particular treatment your doctor prescribes.

Liver Cirrhosis

This is one of the main causes of jaundice. This results during late-stage liver disease. It’s caused when there’s major scarring in the liver. When that happens major damage results and it can actually affect the liver’s function. When the situation becomes worse it can result in liver failure.

There are no “cures” for cirrhosis. However, you can get treatments for the disease itself and also different complications. Jaundice is actually just one of several complications you might experience if you have late-stage liver disease.


This is one of the main types of infections that can result in jaundice. It can affect patients of different ages including adults and children. If you have hepatitis A/B/C, this can cause liver damage. In the case of Hep B/C, the infections can cause faster damage to the liver. It’s important to get treatments for these infections. They not only can trigger jaundice but also cause liver cirrhosis.

Bile Duct Blockage

In some cases, the bile duct gets blocked. This results in it being unable to drain properly. There are various causes including cancer and gallbladder stones. So it’s important to get these issues checked out so you can deal with jaundice also.

If you’re experiencing yellowish hands it’s important to get it checked out immediately. You might have jaundice hands and your doctor can help to sort things out.

Treatments for Jaundice

It’s important to get treatment for jaundice. There are various methods including traditional and holistic (whole-body).

If your jaundice is related to a lack of iron then you can take iron supplements. This will help to boost your iron intake, which is important for dealing with the condition. It’s critical to talk to your doctor about this option. There’s a chance that the dietary supplements might cause an “interaction” with other supplements or drugs. That can cause unwanted side-effects.

Another option is medications like antibiotics if the jaundice is caused by hepatitis. This is a serious infection that should be treated with strong medicines. There are various options including steroid and anti-virus medications. Both of them have proven to be effective.

If the bile duct is blocked then the doctors will conduct a surgery that removes the blockage. This is a major surgery so you should talk to your doctor first. However, it can be very effective in dealing with jaundice.

There are also some alternative medicines you can use that mostly involve herbs. They can be effective but also might cause unwanted side-effects. You should talk to your doctor about taking these supplements and any other supplements you consider.

It’s critical to find out the main cause of jaundice. This is an important step to take because you’ll want to not only treat jaundice but also the main cause. This could be liver cirrhosis or other conditions.

One of the key features of jaundice is it’s easier to self-diagnose. That’s due to the yellowish skin/eyeballs that are easy to notice. If you observe these signs/symptoms you should contact your doctor immediately. He/She can then do a physical exam and run tests. It will then be easier to determine whether or not you have jaundice hands.

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