How Long Can You Live with Cirrhosis if You Continue to Drink?


Have you developed liver cirrhosis from drinking alcoholic beverages? If so then it’s important to stop drinking alcohol cold turkey. This is a serious health condition that results from liver disease. There are various causes including infections like Hepatitis. however, if you keep drinking alcohol how long can you live with cirrhosis? This is an important issue to consider. It will help you to stay focused on ditching alcohol from your diet. This can help to boost your quality of life and extend your lifespan, which is both plusses. It’s important to get the facts about the dangers of alcohol when living with liver cirrhosis.

There’s no question that liver cirrhosis is a serious health condition. There are no cures yet but the news isn’t all bad. There are various factors including if there are other complications involved. if that’s the case then it affects the average life expectancy. Then there’s the issue of how well you’re maintaining your general health. for example, are you eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, reducing stress levels, and getting enough sleep? These are all X-factors that can affect the average life expectancy. It’s all about taking care of yourself to give you a better chance for a longer life.

What Exactly Is Liver Cirrhosis?

This is a serious disease that causes scar tissue to replace healthy liver cells/tissues. This scar tissue causes the blood flow through the liver to get blocked. It also slows down how fast the liver can process things like nutrients, drugs, hormones, and toxins.

The liver is the biggest internal organ and only the skin is largest in terms of all organs. The liver has many functions involving:

  • Nutrient storage
  • Glucose (sugar) storage
  • Breaking down fat (saturated)
  • Bile manufacturing
  • Getting rid of alcohol, drugs, etc.
  • Blood proteins

Cirrhosis is a low-developing disease that involves car tissues replacing healthy tissues in the liver organ. This affects the organ’s ability to process stuff including hormones, nutrients, toxins, and drugs. There’s also lower production of liver-produced substances including proteins. The bottom line is the liver malfunctions due to cirrhosis.

There are various causes of cirrhosis including:

It’s important to know the main symptoms of liver cirrhosis. The ones you experience are based on the disease’s stages. For example, during the first stages, there might be no symptoms. however, as the disease worsens the possible symptoms include:

  • Weight gain
  • Low energy/fatigue
  • Bruises
  • Swelling (abdomen, legs, ankles)
  • Jaundice (yellow skin/eyeballs)
  • Fluid retention
  • Weight loss
  • Itchy skin
  • Loss of appetite

One early symptom to watch out for is holding onto salt/fluid, which could start as a swollen leg/ankle. These symptoms can then become more serious and involve other body parts like the abdomen.

There are various ways to deal with these conditions. A basic one is water pills, which will cause your body to get rid of extra fluids. If your conditions become worse the doctor might have to use a needle to remove fluid from your abdomen. This can provide benefits like reducing abdominal pain.

How Long Can You Live with Cirrhosis?

This is a complicated issue based on several factors. First, it’s worth noting that there’s no cure for liver cirrhosis. If your liver disease becomes severe enough then you should consider a liver transplant if it’s a practical option. The cost is quite high and sometimes over $500,000. On the other hand, this can provide you with a fully-functional liver.

If there aren’t any other complications then you should expect a life expectancy of 12+ years. However, keep in mind this doesn’t involve any complications. Since alcoholism is a major cause of this condition it’s highly recommended that you minimize alcohol consumption to reduce your risk of other health issues.

However, if there are complications then it changes the situation. for example, if you have late-stage cirrhosis with complications the average life expectancy is from 6 months up to 2 years. This is based on various complications that are involved.

Alcohol consumption is certainly a factor in terms of projected life expectancy. If you have liver cirrhosis and “alcoholic hepatitis” then the life expectancy can be up to 50%. This highlights the importance of decreasing or ditching alcohol if you have cirrhosis and especially late-stage cirrhosis.

There’s a close link between alcohol and liver cirrhosis. In fact, studies show that up to 20% of heavy alcohol drinks will eventually develop liver cirrhosis. This is actually the most serious type of liver disease that alcohol-related. It could start out as fatty liver disease. However, it can then worsen to alcoholic hepatitis, and later to alcoholic cirrhosis.

Alcohol-related cirrhosis is caused by constant alcohol abuse and is directly related to alcohol unlike cirrhosis of the liver. After the liver tissues begin to scar it doesn’t work as effectively as in the past. This results in the body being able to make enough proteins so it can remove toxins from the blood.

How Long Can You Live with Cirrhosis

Top Alternatives to Alcoholic Drinks

1. Mocktails

These are mixed drinks minus the alcohol. They provide a similar taste as the versions with alcohol. However, the big difference is mocktails don’t actually have alcohol like cocktails. You can find a wide range of different recipes that provide a similar blend as the alcoholic versions.

2. Tea/Coffee

Make sure it’s healthy options like green tea and black coffee. If you have liver disease then these drinks can actually provide various benefits so they’re an outstanding choice. Make sure to watch out for additives like sugar since they’d greatly decrease the health value.

3. Non-alcoholic beers

One caveat is these beverages actually have some alcohol. However, the amount is much lower than regular beers. If you have liver cirrhosis you should probably avoid these beers. If you’re going to drink one make sure it’s once in a blue moon so you won’t experience negative effects due to alcoholic consumption.

4. Shakes/Smoothies

Make sure to go with homemade versions. This allows you to control which ingredients are added. Some of the best options include fresh fruits, root veggies, green leafy vegetables, and even flax/chia seeds.

5. Sparkling Juices

If you’re a fan of champagne then this would be a good substitute. It gives you the bubbly consistency of sparkling wine without the alcohol. There’s also the tasty flavor of juice, which adds to the tasty beverage. You can find these drinks in many different flavors. Just watch the added sugar since it can reduce the nutritional value.

6. Club Soda

Carbonated water is a good option if you want to enjoy a fizzy drink that’s healthier than regular soda. Club soda is one of the best options. It’s looks and tastes crisper than standard soft drinks like Coke or Pepsi. Meanwhile, it has some fizz to make it more “fun to drink than regular water after learning how long can you live with cirrhosis.

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