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Liver Cirrhosis Diet: Foods That Help Cleanse The Liver

While some people go on a diet for cosmetic reasons there are many others that do it for medical reasons. Dieting means regulating what and how you eat in order to achieve an expected result. Some disease conditions would require the patient to go on a diet and in this article, we are looking at liver cirrhosis diet. Want to find out more about this diet? Read on.

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Is Itching A Sign Of Liver Cirrhosis?

Cirrhosis Itching: Pruritus or itching is a symptom of liver disease that is chronic but this is not something that occurs to all patients suffering from liver disease.

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Best Supplements To Lower Liver Enzymes

High liver enzymes can result from many factors like high protein/fat diet and exercise level changes. Supplements to lower liver enzymes include folic acid, milk thistle, and dandelion root.