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Ascites Diagnosis and Management

Ascites are caused by a wide variety of other conditions. But when it comes to treating ascites, finding out the cause is important. That’s why ascites diagnosis is very important. So we will be having a look at ascites diagnosis and management.

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Liver Cirrhosis Diet: Foods That Help Cleanse The Liver

While some people go on a diet for cosmetic reasons there are many others that do it for medical reasons. Dieting means regulating what and how you eat in order to achieve an expected result. Some disease conditions would require the patient to go on a diet and in this article, we are looking at liver cirrhosis diet. Want to find out more about this diet? Read on.

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What is Hepatic Encephalopathy Treatment?

Hepatic encephalopathy is a syndrome that is observable among patients that have cirrhosis. Hepatic encephalopathy falls under the spectrum of neuropsychiatric problems among individuals suffering from liver dysfunction, without including brain disease. Liver function examinations check for elevated…

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Recommended Book for Everything about Jaundice

Textbook of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 2nd Edition may help you with the information about jaundice. One of the authors of this book for jaundice is Adrian Reuben.

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What Is the MELD Score for Liver Cirrhosis?

If you’re on the waitlist for a liver transplant you should know about meld score cirrhosis. This score helps to determine your position on the waiting list based on several different factors.

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Cirrhosis Lab Values: Understanding Liver Function Test Result

Cirrhosis is a problem of the liver wherein there is scarring. One of the ways of confirming this condition is by doing a liver function test. That’s why we will be having a look at cirrhosis lab values. So that you will at least have an idea of what your result means.

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Ascites Facts and Medical Terms

Ever heard of the word ascites? Well, your answer could be yes or no. But there are chances that you probably have heard it before but can’t remember what it’s all about. Well, ascites is actually the accumulation…

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Cirrhosis Histology Assessment

A Cirrhosis Histology Assessment can look at the signs and symptoms of the patient to identify the exact underlying etiology of the disease.

Cirrhosis Forum Support Group

Cirrhosis Forum: Where to Seek Support Group

Get to learn more about cirrhosis and the best cirrhosis and liver disease conditions forums and support groups online. Join and establish better resources and connections concerning the condition.

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Muscular Cirrhosis: Management of Muscle Wasting In Chronic Liver Disease

Muscular cirrhosis is the wasting of muscles due to liver disease. This muscle condition can be a critical factor if patients decide to go for liver transplantation.