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USMLE on Primary Biliary Cirrhosis: What You Need To Know

If you are reading this article with the intention of being a licensed physician, then congratulations! Being a doctor is never an easy endeavor. It can certainly be fulfilling especially if your chosen specialization is something that you…

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People with Hepatic Encephalopathy Life Expectancy

Liver disease is a serious disease that causes several symptoms. In fact, it can affect the physical and mental wellbeing of people. This includes a condition caused by liver malfunction known as hepatic encephalopathy. This condition can cause…

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Living With Stage 3 Cirrhosis Of The Liver Life Expectancy

Living with any disease isn’t something so easy. Even with the simplest of infections sure comes with a lot of discomforts as well as weakness. And that’s because the immune system is quite weak. It has been invaded…

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Liver Transplant Cost

Are you considering liver transplant surgery? The average cost of a liver transplant without health insurance is up to $575,000. Most of us don’t have half a million dollars saved up for such medical procedures. So it’s important…

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What Happens Before and After Undergoing Orthotopic Liver Transplant?

Are you considering liver transplant surgery? There are various types involved including something called orthotopic liver transplant (OLT). This procedure involves changing the flow of blood vessels. It’s a very technical process. If you’re considering a liver transplant…

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Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Diagnosis and Treatment

Primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) is one of the diseases that could damage your liver. It primarily affects your bile ducts, which are situated in the liver. Recently, it is more commonly called primary biliary cholangitis. You may not…

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Portal Hypertension Causes, Symptoms,And Remedies

Portal hypertension is caused by an increase in the blood pressure of the portal veins. Veins from the spleen, stomach, pancreas, and intestine combine together to form the portal vein. The portal vein branches off into smaller blood…

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Perihepatic Ascites Causes and Symptoms

What does perihepatic ascites mean and what are its possible causes and symptoms? In this article, we will try to answer these questions so read on and find out more!

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Physical Exam In Diagnosing Ascites

Medically ascites is defined as fluid accumulation in the peritoneal cavity. Several conditions and diseases can lead to ascites, for example, abdominal cancer, liver cirrhosis, tuberculosis, and congestive heart failure. Ascites physical exam involves checking the patient for…

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Normal Ammonia Levels When You Have Cirrhosis

If you have liver cirrhosis you should know certain factors to consider including normal ammonia levels cirrhosis. These issues can help to determine whether or not your liver disease is progressing.